Crawlspace encapsulations make dirt floor, unconditioned, wet and humid crawlspaces into semi conditioned healthier and safer spaces by controlling moisture and humidity. Summit Environmenal Solutions can provide a great Crawlspace System for your Fairfax Home.

Excess moisture and humidity can lead to mold, foundation problems, wood decay, insect infestation and more. Poor air quality due to mold and dust can enter the living space through the natural flow of air.

Transform your wet, nasty and moldy crawlspace into “Amazingspace”

A wet crawl space with standing water or chronic humidity creates an environment that is unhealthy, smelly, and could result in structural damage. Wet crawl spaces allow mold and dust mites to thrive, producing millions of toxic airborne mold spores.

Contaminated air from your damp crawl space is drawn up into the living areas of your home, which worsens allergy symptoms and indoor air quality. A crawl space without a liner increases your electric bills, is the cause of your cold floors, and also contributes to pest and rodent infestations.

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Bugs and critters are attracted to damp crawlspaces. When you take away what supports and attracts pests, they are likely to look elsewhere which means less bug and critter control issues for you. Less moisture means much less likely problem with termites, wood rot and wood infesting beetles.