Greatspace Vapor Barriers

We have two different types of crawl space liners. GREATSPACE (white/blue) is the traditional heavy duty liner & GREATSPACE (white/green) which is a thinner liner, both are perfect vapor barriers for crawl spaces. In addition to the encapsulation liner itself, we supply the related installation products: specialized crawl space seam tape, ‘Christmas tree’ fasteners, etc.

Modular Crawl Space Door Kit

Our crawl space door kit replaces old rotted, broken exterior doors. It is made of ½” thick plastic so it will not rust or rot. The door can be cut to size and comes with heavy duty weather stripping so the door will seal air tight when closed.

Santa Fe Compact Dehumidifier

Only 12″ wide and 12″ tall, the Santa Fe Compact from Summit environmental solutions can be stationed where no other traditional dehumidifier can. The Santa Fe crawl space dehumidifier has a superior design: integrated vertical or horizontal air exhaust outlets offer the crawl space contractor multiple options when positioning the Santa Fe in tight quarters.

Primary Pump and Back-Up System

  • Primary Pump-120V(1/2HP primary pumps to 4200 GPH @ 0′)
  • Back-Up Pump-12V (high-flow battery back-ups to 3300 GPH @ 0′)
  • PreAssembled and Pre-Set for Quick Installation
  • Simple Drop-In Installation


Insulate your crawl space or basement with termite-resistant Bora-Foam™ for energy savings and passive geothermal gain.

Enclosing crawl spaces and insulating basements are growing trends. If done properly by a professional, you can fix mold and moisture issues and reduce your carbon footprint—not to mention your heating and cooling bill.